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Abba Group Museum in Stockholm

Abba Group Museum in Stockholm

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The Stockholm area of ​​Djurgarden is often called a museum island, but this name is also very arbitrary. On the territory of this island in the middle of the Swedish capital there are many amusement parks, large museums and even forest land where you can meet many quite wild animals. It was here that not so long ago the museum of the most famous Swedish pop group Abba opened.

The members of the group themselves, who have not been playing together for more than 30 years, reacted to the creation of the museum in different ways: someone with humor, someone with interest, and someone remained indifferent. At least three of the famous four actively participated in the creation of the museum's collection, providing the rarest exhibits, offering their creative ideas for the new institution. The result exceeded all expectations. Today it is one of the most interactive and modern museums in the world.

The exposition of the Abba Museum includes stage costumes, musical instruments, personal belongings of participants, numerous posters and brochures, movies, video clips and much more. But the most interesting thing here is not even that.

In one of the halls of the institution is the most ordinary telephone. At any time, he can ring, and any visitor to the museum can pick up the phone. The lucky one has the opportunity to chat directly with one of the band's musicians. By agreement with the museum, in their free time, members of the Abba group call the museum to chat with fans.

The next museum miracle is the mechanical piano. Suddenly, the instrument can play on its own. This means that the band's composer Benny Andersson sat down at his home piano, which is connected to the museum piano.

Museum visitors have the opportunity to try on copies of the costumes of their idols, to see with their own eyes the studio where the songs of the group were recorded. Here you can see an imitation of the famous cottage, in which the group recorded many hits. Moreover, in the studio you can record any ABBA song and take this recording as a souvenir. Together with the voice of the visitor to the museum, the voice of one of the members of the group will sound in the phonogram.

But the most amazing thing in the museum is a unique and ultramodern opportunity to dance with a hologram of any of the members of the group. The full effect of presence.

The museum has a large store. To call it a souvenir shop does not turn the tongue. All sorts of paraphernalia related to the activities of the group, as well as clothing with the well-known four letters, are the most popular products.

For all of the above miracles, you will have to pay a serious amount in 195 CZK. Children's ticket will cost 50 CZK.

It should be noted that all the musicians of the group spoke out so that in the museum one could get acquainted with the work of other successful Swedish musicians. Therefore, the Hall of Fame gradually grew around the museum, which houses stands dedicated to many successful musical projects in Sweden, as well as a collection that tells the story of Swedish popular music.

A ticket to the Abba Museum gives you the right to visit the Hall of Fame.

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