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Holidays in Rome in November: photos, weather, tours

Holidays in Rome in November: photos, weather, tours

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A huge, simply unimaginable number of attractions, cultural monuments, treasures of world culture in Rome provide tourists with impressions at any time of the year. Autumn, among all other seasons, is even preferable, since there is no that exhausting heat, which can not be hidden in the Italian capital in the summer. However, there are some features of this gloomy season, even in the eternal city.

Weather and clothes

Alas, there is nothing to do in Rome in November without an umbrella. Autumn tourist should be prepared for a shallow, lingering, drizzling rain. Walking along the ancient streets, parks and squares at this time can also be fun, but provided that the clothes will correspond to the whining weather.

A waterproof raincoat, a jacket with a hood, durable autumn shoes are the main guarantors of a good mood in November Rome.

The air temperature in November does not rise above 15-17 degrees, at night the temperature drops to 8-9 degrees.

There are very few sunny days, so you should not count on them.

At the famous observation decks of Rome, quite strong winds await tourists, which is why the scarf will come in handy here.

Looking for the pros in the fall

The main plus is the opportunity to calmly and without crowding to explore all the galleries, basilicas, museums of Rome. There are not so many tourists here, so absolutely everything can be seen without jostling and without irritation.

To explore the city beauties, it is best to use the services of a tourist bus, which is plentiful in Rome. Impressions will be brighter if you go on a bus tour in the evening, when absolutely all the architectural monuments of the city are highlighted. The cost of the tour will remain the same.

A visit to Rome in November even has some advantages, among which, for example, the opening of the winter season in opera. Tickets for premiere performances range from 22 to 200 euros. The acoustics of the hall are amazing, and the seats are arranged in such a way that even the owners of the cheapest tickets will see and hear absolutely everything. By the way, the times when it was necessary to wear furs, diamonds and tuxedos in the opera have long sunk into oblivion. Everything is much more democratic.

The next advantage of a trip to Rome in November is the numerous fashion shows from the best designers that will be relevant in the spring and summer of next year. These shows attract numerous fashion lovers and professionals from around the world, and the events are very colorful and non-standard.

Where can I find information on tourist offers?

Tourist information leaflets are handed out free of charge at special centers. Since November is a frank off-season, the attitude towards tourists at this time is especially careful and helpful. Even at the airport you can find all the necessary information, including in Russian.

Anyone who wants to see as much as possible has the opportunity to save and purchase a ROMA PASS discount tourist card. The card gives you the right to visit at least two museums for free, the rest at a significant discount, in addition, cardholders use public transport for free (two days), receive discounts for lunch at many restaurants, for events (including fashion shows).

November Tours

The cost of tours to Rome in November ranges from 20 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the duration of the tour and the level of the hotel. Tour operators usually offer trips from 5 to 10 days. The price of the tour includes flight and hotel accommodation. You will have to pay extra for a Schengen visa.

When calculating the budget, you need to keep in mind that lunch in an average restaurant will cost about 15 euros (main course, a glass of wine and dessert). During the day you can have a bite to eat in the cafe, spending about 5-7 euros.

Finally, the most important thing: if you have the opportunity to see Rome, do not look at the calendar, go. In any weather, at any time of the year, the eternal city will leave the most vivid and unforgettable sensations!

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