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Oscar Kokoshka: biography and paintings with names

Oscar Kokoshka: biography and paintings with names

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Scandal, more scandal and ... silence ...

Sometimes you read about the life of a great man and marvel at how many contradictions and incompatible events are in it. Oscar Kokoshka is a continuous scandal, a challenge to society, an emotional explosion and provocation.

In Austria-Hungary there were only two nationalities: Austrian and Hungarian. Everything else is true; it means nothing. When fifty countries of different nations live in one country, to take them all into account is a tedious task. Today, Austria and the Czech Republic are fighting for the right to consider Kokoschka their own, and then ... A boy from the family of a poor jeweler was born in a small town. On the one hand, a town on the territory of Austria, on the other, his father was a representative of the famous Czech jewelry dynasty.

A special childhood Oscar did not go down in history. Studied diligently, at the insistence of his father after school he entered the chemical technical school. I painted sometimes, but more for myself. His amusing pictures - faces distorted by suffering, parts of the human body, views from the window - caused bewilderment both of colleagues in the classroom and teachers. Once, one of the most conservative chemistry teachers threw carelessly to his student: All this ugliness will be successful in Vienna. The world went crazy, they went to the competition of these abnormal.

Rather, for the sake of curiosity, than hoping for a prize, Kokoschka sends works to the Vienna School of Crafts competition. A month later, as the winner of the creative competition, Oscar was enrolled in students with a scholarship from the Vienna Academy.

The art of the young master occupied Vienna. At first, Klimt noticed him, then the architect Loos was imposed on his patrons. People were not just prominent in the world of art, but the most influential and authoritative masters. Even the very first works were successful with an exquisite public, but it turned out that Kokoshka was also a writer. His plays, which he designed as a decorator, were one scandalous than the other. Criticism smashed him on the pages of newspapers, and the audience threw him into ideas.

One of the exhibitions was visited by the Austrian emperor himself. Near the work of Kokoschka, the monarch frowned. This turned out to be enough so that the next day, Oscars were deprived of scholarships and expelled from students. But no one could take away his glory.

The fame of a young artist and playwright grew, and fans appeared. With indefatigable tenacity, Kokoschka wins one love victory after another. All this until he found his real muse - the widow of the great Mahler. The couple aroused general interest. The love story was interrupted by the First World War.

Having been captured and wounded several times, Kokoshka was recognized by military doctors as an unbalanced type who should not be given weapons in his hands. With this diagnosis, he appeared in Vienna.

Exhibitions followed, one, two ... Everyone suddenly realized (including criticism) that this Czech was a great artist ... But then in Europe, the mood began to change. The Nazis come to power in Italy, the Nazis in Germany ... Oscar's creativity falls under Goebbels' definition - degenerative. All works are withdrawn from museum collections, life is becoming more difficult ... Hiding at first in the Czech Republic, two years later Kokoshka is forced to leave the homeland of his ancestors. He goes to England.

The conservative country did not need the art of a foreign artist. The war years were marked by poverty and the execution of random orders.

But already in 1945, the triumphant return of Kokoschka to his homeland began. Museums that refused his work now devote entire halls to his work. Professors who until recently did not call him a degenerate call enthusiastic about his new works ...

Life is getting better ... In Austria, Oscar Kokoschka did not stay, he was troubled by his whole environment. After working for some time at the Vienna Academy, the artist moved to Switzerland.

The last thirty years of his life passed quietly and very decently. Kokoshka as if he had become a different person. And only his works remained the same as in the 20s: fabulous, vibrant, emotional and mysterious.

After the death of the great expressionist, the most prestigious award in the field of modern painting was named after him. Fair.

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