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The face of war, Salvador Dali - description of the painting

The face of war, Salvador Dali - description of the painting

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The face of war is Salvador Dali. 100x79

Having lost all hope of a normal life in Europe, the artist from his beloved Paris leaves for America. The master still does not know that a stay in the New World for eight years will make him truly famous, and his work - masterpieces of world painting.

The painting was created on the way to the USA. Impressed by the tragedy unfolding in the world, the bloodthirstiness of politicians, the master begins to work on the ship.

In the work, the artist’s manner, his clear drawing and the way to create details, compositional features are easily guessed. But this time, the artist refuses the complex, intricate language of surrealism. The meaning of his work is easily understood by any spectator, inexperienced by the riddles of other works of Dali.

Surrounded by a lifeless desert, a dead head appears before the viewer, skulls are placed in the eye sockets and oral cavity, in the eye sockets of which there are new skulls ... And so on to infinity. Numerous snakes sprouting from the head bite her. Thus, the author tried to portray the meaninglessness of the war, its unnaturalness and perniciousness for civilization.

Compositionally, the picture is built in such a way that the viewer observes the terrible vision - the head - from the cave. The presence of the viewer in the work is indicated by a handprint on the stone. The viewer feels himself an integral part of the work, a participant in this mirage.

The work is filled with an atmosphere of suffering and horror. The poor coloring of the work, muted tones and depressing shades create a strong sounding of the main idea of ​​the work. The painting was a great success with the public and was almost the only work of the master, in which the artist refuses his commitment to a complex pictorial language and an unimaginable combination of details.

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