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“On the trail”, Repin - description of the painting

“On the trail”, Repin - description of the painting

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On the trail - Ilya Efimovich Repin. 34 x 26 cm

Like many other paintings by Repin, this canvas strikes with the depth of the image of space with seemingly inconspicuous artistic techniques. The painting depicts two figures of Cossacks - one in the foreground, almost in the center of the canvas, the second in its very depth, on the side of the Cossack peering into the distance in a high hat.

In addition to these two figures, there is nothing more in the picture, only a faded blue sky, as if torn by a haze or sultry haze. It has blurry clouds hiding the horizon and giving a special depth and expressiveness to the image.

The lower part of the picture is an endless, flat, eared steppe, which, due to vegetation burnt in the sun, seems to be covered with pale gold. She gradually turns into a bright sky, which makes the picture filled with air and space.

The distant figure is specially as if devoid of colors, he sits on a light horse, and of the bright spots only the reddish part of the clothes is visible. This is done specifically to focus all attention on the main element of the picture.

The central figure of the Cossack is striking in its expressiveness. He tensed up and reached out, looking for a track lost in the grass. He is wearing a bright outfit - a tall hat from a merlushka, a red uniform caftan and wide dark blue harem pants. He has a very long gun in his hands - such a weapon is distinguished by a very accurate battle at a great distance.

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