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Painting Balcony, Edouard Manet - description

Painting Balcony, Edouard Manet - description

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Balcony - Eduard Manet. 170 x 124.5 cm

It is known that Eduard Manet was very fond of the work of Francisco Goya, admiring his compositions, color and subjects. Such work is the "Balcony", which was completed in 1869. This is a rethought version of "Mahi on the balcony" by Goya.

In the picture, the viewer can see people close to Mane - this is artist Berta Marioso (left), with whom the master had a difficult romantic relationship, the famous violinist Fanny Klaus, a member of the famous “Mane’s gang” Antoine Guilleme and Leon Coella, the illegitimate son of the artist, whom, however He never officially acknowledged.

The color scheme of the painting is based on the contrast of snow-white dresses with the whole environment. An attentive viewer will immediately see which of the characters favored the artist - the image of Berta was painted with all care and love. However, to believe that the other heroes were not so carefully thought out would be erroneous: several sketches of Fanny Klaus have survived, which indicate painstaking work on all the details.

The finished work turned out to be very spiritual and lyrical. She was favorably received by the public and admitted to the exhibition at the Salon, which incredibly inspired her author and served as a creative impetus.

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