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“Girl in the Fjord”, Hans Dahl - description of the painting

“Girl in the Fjord”, Hans Dahl - description of the painting

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The girl in the fjord is Hans Dahl. 46.5 x 31 cm

The painting was created by Hans Andreas Dahl, the son of the Norwegian artist Hans Dahl. Since the only teacher of the beginning master was his gifted father, the canvases of both artists are very similar in style and manner of writing, as well as in the motives used. This often causes confusion about authorship.

At first glance, this canvas can be attributed to his father’s brush, as his specific motif is used here - a girl in a bright national dress against the backdrop of luxurious Norwegian nature by the fjord. But upon careful examination, nevertheless, the difference in the creative manners of these two masters becomes noticeable.

The painting of the young artist is written on paper in watercolor. This gives it a very special look due to the soft overflow of colors. Due to the peculiarities of the material, there are not so many smallest details on it as on the canvases of the father, made in oil, but this picture is in no way inferior to them in beauty and craftsmanship.

The canvas depicts a young girl in a colorful national dress, standing with her back to the viewer on the edge of the steep slope of the fjord. To her left is a high cliff with almost vertical walls, in some places overgrown with sparse, but bright green vegetation. The girl’s bare feet are literally buried in the velvety grass, which by some miracle manages to successfully grow on almost bare rocks. Both the grass and the stones themselves literally shimmer with colors - it does not look motley, but pleases with rich and dense tones, gives the picture volume and expressiveness.

To the right of the girl, under a steep cliff, are the cold waters of the bay lying far below and the rocks rising above them. They are depicted by bluish shades of colors close to each other, so it is not clear where the water ends and the mountains begin, and they, in turn, literally dissolve in the blue sky, densely covered with clouds of various density and size.

As in the father’s paintings, a combination of cold and warm tones is harmoniously used on the son’s canvas. But the girl’s figure is the brightest and most impressive color spot and visual center of the composition. Her red outfit literally glows against the cold blue of the sky, mountains and water, combining well with the lush green grass and chocolate overflows of rocks.

The picture leaves a very pleasant, lyrical sensation, as if this is not an unknown Norwegian girl standing thinking about a cold fjord, but the viewer himself.

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