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“Water Mill”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

“Water Mill”, Fritz Taulov - description of the painting

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Water Mill - Fritz Taulov. 81.3 x 121 cm

This painting by a famous Norwegian artist is a vivid example of the fusion of impressionism and realism. Taulov is one of the few masters from Norway who has achieved world fame, and not the least role in this belongs to his ability to portray water - living, moving, active.

Water is present on most of his paintings, in the same picture she is the main character. This is emphasized by a special composition: the water in it is in the foreground and it seems to fill to the brim the entire area of ​​the canvas. The buildings represent the background, the peculiar backstage of this magnificent and exuberant natural representation.

The water in this picture is deep, green, iridescent. She continuously moves in the backwaters behind the mill, like a wild animal driven into a caged cage. The mill wheel grinds it, whips lush foam, but the water does not lose its indomitable essence and continues to rebel.

Paints of a picture are a special conversation. In order to reflect water so skillfully that a hand involuntarily reaches out to feel the picture, it is necessary to observe it for decades. Life is reflected in this water; it is voluminous, slippery, dense, living like mercury. Water is literally felt with the whole body, you can smell it, humidity of raw air, splashes from the mill wheel. The impression of movement and the brilliance of water are emphasized by a path of light that stretches from the wheel itself directly to the viewer, differing in the foreground by hundreds of small highlights.

The color scheme of the canvas is rich, but not at all motley. Although the picture looks full of color, it is dominated by rich and deep shades of green and brown. This choice is due to the image of water and mill buildings made of old reddish brick. The impressionist vision of space played perfectly in this picture - the dilapidated buildings of the mill located in the background look exceptionally picturesque and even elegant. The reddish “shabby” shade of the walls is in perfect harmony with the juicy, emerald green of the water beneath them and its deeper bluish tint in the foreground, under the glare of light.

The works of Taulov with the image of water were not just his calling card - they gave him well-deserved fame. They are easily recognizable, even if the pictures depict various corners of the globe. As on this canvas, on all of them the main character remains water as a symbol of eternal, uninterrupted life.

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