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"Self-portrait in pince-nez", Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin - description of the painting

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Self-portrait in pince-nez - Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. 46 x 38 cm

In 1771, the audience of the Salon was perplexed - the elderly Charden was unfaithful for the first time. He not only presented several portraits in the classical sense of the genre not in the form of his favorite "genre scenes", but also created them in a completely unexpected technique - pastel. Many considered this an eccentricity of the old master, however, the reason was very clear - at the end of his life, Charden suffered from eye disease. Lead, which was part of the oil paint, caused eye irritation and therefore the painter took up the pastel.

One of the best works of the last period of the work of the realist Jean Baptiste Chardin is considered "Self-portrait in pince-nez (glasses)."

The expressive and slightly ironic look of a middle-aged wise man is the main thing in this work. Through centuries, the painter looks at the viewer, as if he says: life didn’t really pamper me, but it did not break me. What are you capable of? For their indefatigable will to live, to work, contemporaries called the master “tireless old man”, and we can easily agree with this.

In portraits, Charden sought to avoid mannerism, empty preening - he wanted to see, first of all, a man. Working on a self-portrait, he remained true to this principle. A tired face with wrinkles, but a bright blush and strong-willed chin, a neckerchief of exquisite color, a simple bathrobe and an unusual headdress that resembles a turban tied with a blue ribbon - this is a night cap. Serious look gives a miniature pince-nez. The picture was painted in a calm soft color with a predominance of brown, pink, bluish.

Some “read” the artist here as a kind-hearted grandfather, however, it is not so simple - the sincerity, lyricism of the image are combined here with wisdom, tolerance and calmness. So he was in life according to contemporaries. So he wanted to stay in the portrait. After 8 years, Charden will end his life.

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