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"Greece on the ruins of the Missolonga", Eugene Delacroix - description of the painting

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Greece on the ruins of the Missolongs - Eugene Delacroix. Oil on Canvas, 209x147 cm.

Throughout his life, Delacroix kept a diary and loved to reread it. In 1820, a record appeared there: I felt a passion for great things wake up in me. It was an omen of the appearance of the picture of Greece on the ruins of the Missolonga. At this time, the attention of Delacroix, like all romantics, was riveted on the liberation war of Greece with Turkey. The artist devoted several works to this dramatic event.

But why exactly did this Missolonghi distinguish Delacroix from the whole sad record of the uprising? The thing is that, like many of his contemporaries, the painter loved Byron, and it was in this city that the famous lord died in 1824. Therefore, in the ashes of the Missolongs, confused Greece cries for all of its country. The allegorical image embodied in a woman is somewhat similar to Freedom (Freedom, the leading people, better known as Freedom on the barricades). The same stubborn, albeit bewildered look, spacious fluttering clothes, almost naked chest.

The heroine stands on one knee on the stones - these are the ruins of a building. In the foreground, the viewer can see the lifeless hand of a fallen Greek warrior. In the distance - the figure of a black man with a staff.

Researchers note that here Delacroix used an unusual technique for applying colors - contrasting tones were applied to the canvas with small strokes, which is why the picture turned out so expressive in coloristic and dramatic terms.

Today's generation, infinitely far from those events, cannot help but feel this tragedy, looking at a beautiful woman, Greece, who, in her imploringly reproaching pose, with her arms outstretched, seemed to be frozen in dumb horror over the trampled fatherland, which entered into a fierce battle for independence . Big works are not afraid of oblivion and misunderstanding ...

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