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“Snake Charmers”, Mariano Fortuni - description of the painting

“Snake Charmers”, Mariano Fortuni - description of the painting

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Snake Charmers - Mariano Fortuni. 61 x 153 cm

The artist and orientalist Mariano Fortuni was very talented and gifted! His works with oriental motifs deserve special attention, since he very skillfully conveyed with paints all the beauty and perfection of oriental culture. One of his best artworks, Snake Charmers. The painting reflects the genre scene of Arab life. It is written in the genre of realism. After the creation of this unique work, Mariano Fortuni became widely known.

An artistic masterpiece captivates with a fabulous plot! Bright colors, free strokes, contrasting colors and shades make the picture interesting, rich in watercolor and enchanting. The look pleases with a colorful, elegant, oriental carpet lying on the grass, and unusual accessories. All this enlivens the picture and brings the aesthetics of everyday life.

On the carpet are figures of people, snakes and a bird. Two men train a snake and tame a heron. Animals are not at all afraid of people, they are tame. These people do snake spells. This ancient profession came from India. Their snakes obey, and they skillfully work with them, playing the flute. Listening to the melody, the snake sways to the beat and falls asleep, and the spellcasters do different tricks with it. In the picture, people look at a snake and a wild bird, mentally talking to them. Men are dressed in turbaned and wraps. Mariano Fortuny unsurpassedly conveyed all the eastern exoticism in its full perfection. This made him a connoisseur of oriental culture and a brilliant painter.

The picture brings light, good, love, harmony, the beauty of the world. It is pleasant and interesting to contemplate, reflect, meditate. She gives peace of mind and good mood. The artwork will look great in the home interior of the living room.