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“Village young ladies giving alms to a shepherd”, Gustave Courbet - description of the painting

“Village young ladies giving alms to a shepherd”, Gustave Courbet - description of the painting

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The village young ladies (village girls) giving alms to the shepherd - Gustave Courbet. 54 x 65.4 cm

The magnificent landscape was painted by French artist Gustave Courbet! The painting “Village Young Ladies” was created in the genre of realism.

Gustave Courbet, the master of the brush, painted images of girls from his sisters. The landscape is talentedly painted in the suburban strip of Ornan, Gustave Courbet's hometown. He loved his homeland very much. Many of his works of art are dedicated to the Fatherland.

This work is presented in the Paris Salon in the spring of 1852. The canvas was bought by the duke Joseph Mort, brother of Napoleon 3. Art critics wrote articles and notes about the painting. At the Paris World Exhibition, the picture was criticized. The rich nobility underestimated the natural gift of the artist, but his work was still widely known.

The painting shows village girls of high class. They walk around the village. The young ladies are dressed simply and mundane. They have long dresses and hats on their heads. A dog stands next to them. Cows graze nearby. They are grazed by a barefoot girl from a peasant family. A young lady with a basket in her hand gives her alms. She has groceries in the basket, apparently she is returning home from the bazaar. The young lady is kind to the girl, she is doing a noble deed.

The picture is written brightly and expressively. Her plot is interestingly conceived. A sunny day brings a good mood and gives warmth to others. Summer time fills the canvas with warm colors of light, love, kindness and harmony. The artist skillfully worked with a brush to write such a beautiful canvas.

An artistic masterpiece brings peace, tranquility, serenity. The picture gives a favorable energy. It's nice to look at her, dream, reflect on life! It gives true happiness to everyone who sees earthly reality in it. She can decorate the living room in the home interior.

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