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"Still life", Ivan Fomich Khrutsky - description of the painting

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Still life - Ivan Fomich Khrutsky. 67 x 85

A wonderful artistic masterpiece was created by I. This master’s work was done by the brush master in the heyday of his work, in the genre of painting flowers and fruits.

The composition captivates with the magic of a fabulous palette. It has its own special personality. The canvas attracts attention with an abundance of flowers, fruits, berries. The artist came up with an excellent plot! He has a great fantasy and a subtle sense of nature. Khrutsky saw beauty and harmony in the world around him, noting every pattern.

In the center of the picture on the table there is a vase with a magnificent bouquet of peonies, roses, irises, lilies, daffodils, tulips, asters, twigs of lilac and ears of corn. It is full of bright colors, standing out among other objects. This bouquet is the king of summer! Nearby is a wicker basket with mouth-watering peaches and grapes brilliant from juice. The room feels an unusual aroma of nature. Near the basket are two peaches, an apple and a sprig of red, fragrant strawberry. To the right of the vase on a scarlet stand is a glass of clean, clear water. Next to it is a decanter and a cork lying on it.

The background of the picture is darkened. The brush master applied this artistic technique in order to emphasize the splendor of a luxurious bouquet. He skillfully selected tones in his work so that all the components of natural components looked natural and natural. This is his great merit! A picturesque still life is made in bright colors. Here there are various color schemes, and contrasts, and chiaroscuro. The ingenious creation captivates!

An artistic masterpiece brings people light, goodness, love of nature and aesthetic satisfaction. It is pleasant to contemplate it, reflecting on the Universe. The picture gives joy and wonderful impressions! It heals from nervous diseases, normalizes the psycho-emotional background, is favorable for eye relaxation. Looking at the canvas, I want to admire him endlessly!

The picture will look wonderful in the home interior of the living room and study, giving the house harmony and perfection. It will adorn offices, country houses, and educational centers. Each person will find his own value in it.

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