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“Portrait of Fedor Volkov”, Anton Pavlovich Losenko - description

“Portrait of Fedor Volkov”, Anton Pavlovich Losenko - description

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Portrait of Fedor Volkov - Anton Pavlovich Losenko. 67 x 53 cm

Magnificent and brilliantly presented to the world his canvas A. Volkov.

The young man has a pleasant, open, confident look to himself. He wears a theatrical costume: a light green shirt with an open collar and a red robe trimmed with a gold border with tassels. In his hands is a black mask, a dagger and a golden diadem. These things were attributes of the muse of the tragedy of Melpomene. They solemnly entered the noble coat of arms of the Volkov family.

The gifted actor played in the theater, wrote plays, painted well, worked as an artist-designer of performances. He was an excellent musician and composer. Since childhood, he had a variety of talents.

His face is straightforward and intelligent. The man has long curly hair, thick straight eyebrows, smart eyes, a wide nose, beautiful lips, a pink blush on his cheeks. The pose of the actor impresses with an extraordinary look. It seems that the young man froze in a pause during a theatrical game.

The personality of Fedor Volkov is attractive and interesting. Playing in the play, the actor was thinking about something. His romantic look is directed to the side. He is very pleased with himself and his activities. The portrait was a success!

In the work, the artist used contrasts and light gray tones. He worked with great inspiration. The brush master created the canvas in Moscow during the coronation of Catherine II. Perhaps Anton Losenko painted a portrait from nature, knew actor Volkov closely and could ask a friend to pose for him.

The picture carries a wonderful impression and excellent mood. She is very emotional. In his creation, the artist put all his feelings, feelings, thoughts, sensations. The painter made the portrait of the actor bright and unusual.

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