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Video Tour of the Archaeological Museum of Madrid

Today we will provide you with a unique video that will show how the reconstruction was going on in the archaeological museum in Madrid. The reconstruction took a very long time, but now visitors can enjoy the truly amazing exhibits of the museum, as well as the building itself.

This museum may not be as popular as the Prado or Louvre Museum, but this video is worth it to watch. Perhaps you will love this museum no less than others. Happy viewing.

Video tour of the Prado Museum

Today we briefly get acquainted with the Prado Museum. This short video tells how the museum was created and who was the initiator of the Prado Museum. This museum is the most famous of the Spanish museums. The video lasts about 5 minutes. Before you start watching, upload a few videos so that it does not break off. After watching the video, you can read more about the Prado Museum by clicking on the link provided.

Spanish video

Video tour of the Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin

For the inhabitants of Russia, the museum named after Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin is something special, so it does not need to be introduced. This museum is one of the most famous museums in all of Russia. The video clip is short-lived, only about 5 minutes, in Russian. During this time, you won’t even get acquainted with the 100th part of the museum, but for those who want to find out what kind of museum it is, this video tour will be useful. In addition, anyone can read our article on Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin.

Video tour of the Uffizi Gallery

We continue to get acquainted with the great museums of the world. Today you will learn about the pride of Italy - the Uffizi Gallery. This museum has existed for a very long time - since 1560. It contains a huge number of masterpieces that attract tourists here from all over the world. The Uffizi collection is so rich that the number of different excursions and thematic exhibitions already held in the gallery is difficult to count. You can see various frescoes and sculptures, the most beautiful paintings of famous artists and much more. This video clip introduces you to all the delights of this wonderful museum. The text is read by a girl with a pleasant voice in Russian, the duration is more than 40 minutes. Who does not want to watch a video can read about Uffizi Gallery.

Video tour of the Assumption Cathedral

This video tour of the Assumption Cathedral It takes about 5 minutes. This video clip was made by the PARKIN video company. I think many Russians were in the Assumption Cathedral and enjoyed these beautiful views. But there are still people, mainly living in the CIS countries, who are interested in visiting the Assumption Cathedral, but due to some circumstances they cannot come to Moscow. Well, then a video tour of the Assumption Cathedral is what you need. After watching the video, leave comments and feedback. You can read about the Assumption Cathedral here - Assumption Cathedral.

On this page of our site you will find many videos dedicated to the most famous museums in the world. The Internet is becoming more and more popular every year, ideas are developing and emerging that you couldn't even dream of 5 years ago.

Tour video - One of the newest areas of the Internet. Also, video tours of museums are also called virtual or 3D. This is very interesting, since anyone can visit the museum without leaving their own home. Agree - it's wonderful! People with disabilities or those who lack financial resources can easily join the art.

Developing the site in this direction, we want to say that we will do a lot for our visitors. We strive to keep up to date, and convey information to users in any way convenient for them. Now it museum tour videosIf something changes tomorrow, another breakthrough occurs in the world of boarding, we will immediately take advantage of this and let you see it on our website.

In general, interest in art and culture disappears and fades away. But we strive through every opportunity to revive it among people, we strive to tell more about the museum world, about the creation of paintings and about art galleries. We are always happy to hear your wishes and suggestions. To do this, use the feedback form.

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